Viral Facebook Picture: “I Didn’t Join The Navy To Fight For Al-Qaeda In A Syrian Civil War!”

Viral Facebook Post: ‘I Didn’t Join The Navy To Fight For Al Qaeda In Syria!’

The Obama administration is advocating meekly for approval by Congress for a military strike on Syria. Between now and the vote for authorization, there are going to be a lot of voices for and against, but none would move our wills as much as those who will be asked to perform the strike, the U.S. Military.

That’s why this post, reportedly from a U.S. Naval Petty Officer, on Facebook for a conservative talk show has more than 5,000 ‘likes’ even though it’s only been online for four hours.

There is a controversy in the comments between those who think this kind of commentary is destructive to the military, and those who think he is justified, if not a hero, for doing so.


Apparently another soldier sent a similar pic to the radio show host:


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