Flesh-Rotting ‘Krokodil’ Russian Drug Arrives In Arizona

Flesh-Rotting ‘Krokodil’ Russian Drug Arrives In Arizona

Forget bathsalts, forget synthetic marijuana. The newest and most grotesque drug craze comes from Siberia, Russia, is called ‘krokodil’ and rots the user’s flesh and bones, causing sores, abscesses, and in extreme cases, amputation of limbs.


From USA Today:

A powerful heroin-like drug that rots flesh and bone has made its first reported appearance in the United States, an Arizona health official says.

Known on the street as “krokodil,” the caustic homemade opiate is made from over-the-counter codeine-based headache pills mixed with iodine, gasoline, paint thinner or alcohol. When it’s injected, the concoction destroys a user’s tissue, turning the skin scaly and green like a crocodile.

Charming! And I thought the face-eating feature of bathsalts was as bad as it could get. But wait, there’s more!

The drug — chemically called desomorphine — emerged around 2002 in Siberia and the Russian Far East but has swept across the country in just the past three years, according to a Time magazine investigation.

Krokodil became popular in Russia because heroin can be difficult to obtain and is expensive. Krokodil costs three times less, and the high is similar to heroin though much shorter, usually 90 minutes.

The average life expectancy among krokodil addicts in Russia is two to three years, according to Time, which called the narcotic “the most horrible drug in the world.” Gangrene and amputations are common, and the toxic mix dissolves jawbones and teeth, much like the methamphetamine that Walter White cooks in Breaking Bad.

If you needed any other reason to buy a gun, imagine an army of face-devouring “krokodil”-addicts chasing after you with their limbs rotting away. Sounds almost as bad as the legions of Obamacare apologists.

For the safety and security of your sleep, I kept from posting the horrifying images and videos associated with this terrible drug. Googlers beware!