Obama Admin Pitifully Tries To Spin Obamacare Failures On Twitter

The Obamacare website has been an embarrassing disaster for the administration that used technology so well during the campaign. The Obama camp and it’s media allies have been overworking themselves trying to explain away, cover up, and ignore the debacle. And when that doesn’t work, they spin like a broken plane hurtling towards the unforgiving Earth.

Here’s one attempt captured by Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy site.

Ryan Lizza is a Washington correspondent for The New Yorker, so when he tweeted that he was able to sign up on the Obamacare website easily, Obama’s lackeys were more than happy to point it out:

Nearly three hundred retweets! Everyone make sure that America knows Ryan Lizza was able to sign up! We found one!!

Obama’s press spokes-hole Jay Carney made share his followers saw it. Senior communications advisor Tara McGuinness did the same.

And then they must have taken a nap.

Because they didn’t follow up with Lizza’s next tweets detailing how his application ran into a wall. A wall called Obama’s incompetence.

Only 20 retweets on this one? I wonder why? Actually, no I don’t, that’s grade A sarcasm right there, party people.

Maybe the Obamacare website was taking a nap too. Probably union-mandated. Or maybe Lizza only needed to give it a day to rest and give it another go:

You didn’t build that! And neither did Obama. It’s unbuilt.

Look ye, kings on Obama’s works, and despair!

To Lizza’s credit, he tried to correct Jay Carney on his story of the Obamacare website failure, but surprise! Jay Carney was still napping.

I, for one, perfectly understand the Obama administration’s constant napping. It’s hard work spinning the news like a top, especially when it’s so bad, all the time.

Keep spinning, little press secretary, you’ll get there!