Need A Halloween Costume? Here’s a Simple Pelosi Chupacabra Cut-Out!

Not all chupacabras are as scary as this one, but if you’re looking for a very frightening costume this year for Halloween, feel free to print and use this cut-out to scare your friends and neighbors!!


If you want to see how scary it is, you have to print and wear it. (send pics if you’re a hot chick)

For an adorable baby chupacabra, go here.

[Any likeness to any shaved chupacabra former Speaker of the House who may or may not be named Nancy and/or Pelosi is purely coincidental, and may not be used in a court of law to punish any aforementioned Mexican bloggers.]


For best results, use a kitten as a costume prop:



A supporter of mine from my Facebook page, Steve Burri, printed, cut out, and put on the mask!!!



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