Nine Of The Dumbest Things Piers Morgan Did That Led To His Losing His CNN Show


Our long national nightmare is over – America is celebrating by snuggling with their loving guns, knowing that zealously vehement gun grabbing foreigner Piers Morgan won’t rip them apart from each other.

That’s because despite challenging Fox News competitor Megyn Kelly with the taunt, “bring it on!” it appears that the gunophobe Brit will be leaving his show in March due to low ratings, and Americans basically hating him just as much as he condescended to them. Here are some of the best worst moments from his show, and his life, that got him canned:

1) He falsely said the Newtown killer was an NRA member

Despite the fact that Adam Lanza was not an NRA member, Piers ignorantly demanded NRA president Wayne LaPierre explain away the figment of his diseased imagination:



2) Piers tries to debate gun control on Twitter and get destroyed

Morgan got the nickname “musket” from his snarky conservative fans when he was obliterated in a now famous short debate on Twitter:


Good job, musket.

3) Remember that time he helped Trayvon’s friend explain why “cracker” isn’t racist?

Musket’s interview with Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend Jeantel was a world class performance of fawning admiration for someone who could barely be understood on the witness stand through her ebonics lingo. The apex was his letting her explain that the obviously racial epithet “cracker” isn’t racist at all! Oh yeah, we believe you.

4) Piers the arbiter of constitutional and biblical truth

Not only did the dim-witted immigrant set himself above our constitution, but he also climbed the lofty heights and tried to dethrone God Himself, just because he didn’t like what he read in the Bible.


5) Saying the Republicans are less than rational than Syria and Iran

That’s the length and breadth of Piers’ foreign policy expertise – he thinks a political party that wants to not carry around a $17 trillion debt is less rational than a country that gassed its own citizens, and another that has threatened Israel with extinction while denying the holocaust!

6) Larry King says Spongebob would be better on CNN than Piers

Amazingly, the abrasive Brit was brought on to replace Larry King for CNN, who has a much less confrontational temperment. During an interview where King admitted CNN “has problems,” this was his advice for how to save the ratings:

“Put SpongeBob on CNN — 24 hours — until a big story breaks. Then we break into SpongeBob, and go to the hurricane, and then back to SpongeBob.


The reason? Piers Morgan was narcissistically making every show about himself.

7) Competing with Chris Matthews’ gushing over Obama

If you thought Matthews’ leg tingling was bad, you’re just gonna love this video where Piers actually calls Obama, “the perfect human specimen.” No, really.

8) He told Obama to “start panicking” over his Obamacare numbers

Let’s hope Obamacare does as well as Piers Morgan did with his popularity.


That’s right – Americans grew so sick of musket they signed a petition to have him deported in droves. It currently has 109,000 signatures.

9) When Nancy Grace slapped him around on gun control

The last and one of the funniest lows was when Nancy Grace actually summed up many Americans’ attitude towards some British guy trying to take away our guns – this sounds familar!


Oh musket, I can’t say we’ll miss you, but we certainly enjoyed the cantankerous low-rated shenanigans you stupidly got yourself into. Thanks for the laughs, now go away please.

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