Despicable: Wisconsin Dem Candidate to Hand Out KKK Hoods at GOP Convention

brett husley - kkk hood

Wisconsin state representative and gubernatorial candidate Brett Husley will be handing out KKK hoods at a GOP state convention this weekend. When you’re a Democrat  and don’t have any policy solutions, yelling “racism” will still get many in your party out to the polls.

From National Review:

A Democratic Wisconsin state representative and gubernatorial candidate is apparently trying to project a repugnant part of his party’s history on to Republicans by handing out Ku Klux Klan hoods to GOP supporters. Representative Brett Husley of Madison said he will give out what he calls “Republican Party hats” to state convention goers this weekend.


Both Republicans and Democrats have denounced Husley’s stunt. “We take serious issue with the policies pursued by Republicans that disproportionately affect communities of color, but this type of behavior has no place in the public dialogue,” state Democratic chairman said. His Republican counterpart called Husley’s plans “a reprehensible, vile stunt.”

Here’s the Twitter post from the despicable Democrat:

And of course, the offensive and shameless beg for attention ironically highlights historical Democratic roots of the KKK:

Husley’s attempt to project the KKK on to the Republican party ignores his own party’s history with the white-supremacy terrorist organization. Throughout most of its history, the KKK has aligned itself with the Democratic party, often forcing or intimidating others to vote for preferred candidates. Upon his death in 2010, Democratic senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia, who led his local KKK chapter at one point in his youth, was widely revered by his party.

Keep it classy up there in Wisconsin, liberals.

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