Attention! The PC Police Has Declared All Camels ‘Racist’ on All University Campuses And Probably Everywhere Else Too


Students at University of St. Thomas planned to rent a live camel for a “hump day” event, but it was cancelled after many protested the very existence of the camel on campus as being racially insensitive. Seems legit.

From Campus Reform:

The “Hump Day” event, put on by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), was supposed to be “a petting zoo type of atmosphere” in which students could hang out and take photos with a live camel. According to Aaron Macke, the group’s advisor, the camel is owned by a local vendor and trained for special events.

“It appears however, this program is dividing people and would make for an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe environment for everyone attending or providing the program. As a result, RHA has decided to cancel the event.”   

But the event was subsequently cancelled after students took to Facebook to proclaim their concerns. The students said they were concerned about the money spent on bringing the camel to campus—around $500—and the implication that it would be racially insensitive to Middle Eastern cultures.

The Facebook group called “Protest Hump DAAAAAAY!” had more than 100 RSVP’d attendees before it was deleted on Wednesday.

It appears that the very existence of camels is racist now! Thank goodness our politically correct superiors are looking out for us because we obviously are ignorant of all the racist dog whistles, uhm, racist camel clarinets, that issue forth from our terrible culture.

Here’s some racist camel reaction from Twitter: