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Brit Hume Shuts Down Twitter Troll on Liberal Narrative That Conservatives Would Have Let Bergdahl Die


Fox News’ Brit Hume garners a lot of respect even from the left, so it’s even more satisfying to see him go after one of his Twitter trolls and destroy his argument.

The troll employed a liberal narrative coalescing to defend Obama in the Bergdahl terrorist swap deal, saying that conservatives advocate for the soldier to have been abandoned and left to die. Here it is being utilized by serial logic abuser Chris Hayes of MSNBC:

Now, no one is saying that. It’s an attempt to conflate criticizing a terrible deal with not wanting to save Bergdahl at all. Hume dismantles it with ease:

I have a feeling this narrative will be pushed by liberals more and more, and it’s utterly devoid of logic. You can dislike the circumstances of a deal while advocating for one of the outcomes. In this case the timing of the terrorist swap makes it appear that Obama is trying to distract from the Veterans’ Affairs scandal. Even worse, he broke the law to do it, and seems to have put America in danger in order to garner political praise.

But it’s much easier to dishonestly accuse conservatives of wishing a soldier would die.