VIDEOS: Bob Costas Rips on MSNBC For ‘Politically Correct BS’ and Blaming White Racism for Black Community’s ‘Afflictions’`

In a surprising interview on MSNBC, the usually far left Bob Costas came out swinging against MSNBC and it’s tendency to defend a comfortable “politically correct” narrative. In the video above, he says that calling for a “dialogue about race” after Donald Sterling’s racist remarks was “politically correct BS” because, as many conservatives noted, it wasn’t as if there were many people defending his words.

Later, after still demanding conservatives have an honest “dialogue on gun control,” he nonetheless went on to say that people on the left need to stop pretending that all the afflictions of the black community are caused by “white racism.” He was very careful about how he parsed his words, but it was still shocking to hear him say what will likely be considered controversial statements to the liberal network.

Here’s the video of the second comment:

Keep moving right, Bob!

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