MSNBC’s Josh Barro: Republicans Won’t Allow Hispanics to be White, Like They Did With the Irish

Ok white people, the JIG IS UP!! I always suspected that you had secret meetings where white people welcomed groups of minorities into your pasty embrace, and now one of your VERY OWN has confirmed it!!

On MSNBC Saturday, contributor Josh Barro dropped by to bestow upon us the great hope that those racist Republicans might someday allow Hispanics to be white. I don’t remember this being a part of the official GOP platform, but Barro is assured that the only thing preventing Hispanics from being declared white is a cabal of bigoted conservatives.

His evidence, of course, is that the Irish didn’t realize they were white until society got together and congratulated them on their racial accomplishment. Was there a big ceremony where all the other white people welcomed the Irish in? I guess I wouldn’t have been invited if there was.

This is what happens when someone gets a very expensive education and they have to justify that it was worth having.