Watch MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Call Video Game Makers Just as ‘Reprehensible’ as a Murderous Dictator

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, the knuckleheads covered the story of former Panamanian military dictator Manuel Noriega who is suing a video game company for using and capitalizing on his image in the very popular “Call of Duty” video game. While Joe recalls fondly playing and cursing at Scottish youths, Mika sneered and said she wasn’t sure who was more reprehensible, the video game makers or a murderous military dictator convicted of aiding a drug cartel to steal money from the impoverished people of Panama.

She spat in disgust, “I honestly don’t know who is more reprehensible the people who would make a game like Call of Duty, or Manuel Noriega,” and offered that these video games are “damaging to the brain, especially to young people.”

I have a feeling the tens of millions of video game enthusiasts probably disagree. Luckily, the brain damage that is caused by watching MSNBC only afflicts the ten or so viewers it garners.

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