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Putin’s Popularity Among Russians Greater Than Obama’s Among Americans At Its Highest

obama putin
Apparently Putin knows how to please his constituents even more than Obama does. In recent polling from Gallup of the Russian populace, Putin is shown to be exceedingly popular after a decline that turned around after Sochi and the invasion of Ukraine:

russian poll putin

At 83% approval, Putin towers above Obama’s top approval rate he garnered right after the 2009 inauguration:

obama rate

An amazing 73% of Russians believe their country is headed in the right direction, while a miserable few in America believe the same of ours – just 25% of likely voters.

One caveat – these polls were taken before the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine shot down the Malaysian airliner. I’d have to think that if Putin doesn’t take a hit in the polls over that, the Russian people would have to be somewhat psychotic.

It doesn’t look like “Hope and Change” are working out for America, but apparently “Invasions and Games” seems to be pleasing most Russians.

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