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Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Hypocritically Refuses to Call Out Democrat’s Remark She Called ‘Sexist’ in 2010

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Today I saw that Democrat Dianne Feinstein called out Vladimir Putin, telling him to “man up!” Now, this is a perfectly great opportunity for feminists to FREAK OUT like they did when a (barely) Republican Joe Scarborough said the same thing:

“‘Man up’ is a sexist term that should be retired along with all the other gender-based imperious imperatives. Candidates at all levels of service deserve better than ludicrous taunting that does little to advance civil discourse.”

That was Nancy Pelosi’s daughter in 2010 demanding that action be taken! Here’s her response when I brought up Feinstein’s egregious and extremely misogynistic use of that phrase!

Uhm.. what? She continued:

She’s just too damn busy celebrating Seneca Falls to sit down and write out a hysterical screed like she did against Joe! Of course, that makes sense.

It almost seems like a feminist uses logic about as well as a fish uses a bicycle.


Christine decided to continue our discussion about sexist comments. I thought it was fruitful:

24 hours later, she hasn’t done anything about that sexist Dianne Feinstein!! I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

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