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VIDEO: Democrat Dianne Feinstein Lobs Sexist Phrase at Vladimir Putin!

On CNN’s State of the Union this Sunday, Democrat Dianne Feinstein callously lobbed a sexist term at Vladimir Putin over his actions in the heinous Malaysian airliner attack. She criticized him for not being as forthcoming as he should be, and then said, “you need to MAN UP!”

Watch below:

The term “man up” has been called sexist and misogynist by feminists, most notably when Nancy Pelosi’s daughter called Joe Scarborough a sexist for daring to say it to the GOP in 2010:

“‘Man up’ is a sexist term that should be retired along with all the other gender-based imperious imperatives. Candidates at all levels of service deserve better than ludicrous taunting that does little to advance civil discourse.”

Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, CEO and president of the Women’s Campaign Forum, told the Daily Caller that she agreed with Pelosi “100%,” and that it was the same as words used against African-Americans in the past.
I wonder if they’ll come out against fellow Democrat Feinstein? Somehow I doubt it.

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