‘Politico’ Columnist: Rick Perry Sending National Guard to Border to Shoot Children!

While tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors stream into our country illegally, Texas governor Rick Perry is doing what the president just isn’t willing to do – secure the border.

And to show you how reasonable the media is when a servant of the people actually enforces the rule of law, here’s columnist Roger Simon of Politico:


As some have noted on Twitter, Simon wrote a column whining about the incivility afflicting politics:

Rudeness is becoming the new normal. One year ago, 33 percent of Americans accepted incivility “as an inherent part of the political process.” But this year, that figure has risen to 40 percent. That’s an increase of more than 21 percent in just one year.

Remember, irresponsible exaggerations are only uncivil when lobbed at Democrats.
One last point – if he really believes that the National Guard is bloodthirsty enough to shoot children when the government tells them to, why are they doing everything they can to make sure we can’t defend ourselves against them?
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