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Former Chief of Staff For Colin Powell Says Same Conditions Exist Under ISIS as Israel

Lawrence Wilkerson is the former chief of staff to Colin Powell, and he appeared on MSNBC this morning to actually say that the “same conditions” exist in the Gaza Strip as on the mountain where members of the Yezidi sect are stranded and besieged by murderous evil terrorist ISIS thugs.

Watch below:

I’m not sure what kind of brain damage you have to suffer to compare the rapists and murderers of ISIS to the Israeli’s defensive strikes against Hamas, but Wilkerson even implies that the Israelis are worse because there are more casualties from their attack. I guess he’s not counting all the beheadings and mass executions? Maybe he’s just bad at math. Common Core, definitely.

I guess his nuttiness isn’t too much of a surprise – he’s said before he thought the Republican Party was “full of racists,” and that they were opposing Obama because of his skin color. A great Colin Powell “moderate” conservative.

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