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‘Open Carry’ Texas Gun Activists Spar With New Black Panthers Over Planned Community Demonstration

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Wednesday afternoon members of the “Open Carry Texas” group argued with those of the “New Black Panthers” over a demonstration they planned in a neighborhood with predominantly black community members. Tempers flared as the Panthers’ representatives accused the gun activists of not really caring about the community

Watch below:

From KPRC:

Members of the group were met by a chorus of voices telling them to stay out of the neighborhood and warned they will be “matched gun-for-gun.”

“I’m going to tell you something homie, this is Fifth Ward, you ain’t coming in here running nothing,” community activist Quanell X said while flanked by members of the New Black Panther Party, who were holding assault rifles.

The two groups sat across from one another at a small folding table under a tree near the intersection of Lockwood and Lyons to discuss the details of Saturday’s upcoming event.

Local 2 Investigates counted 15 Houston police officers on-hand to monitor the meeting.

“You’re coming into the Fifth Ward and to the black community as insurgents,” said Krystal Muhammad, with the New Black Panther Party.

“I beg your pardon?” said David Amad, with Open Carry Texas.

“You are insurgents,” said Muhammad.

So yeah it sounds like they weren’t too welcome, unfortunately.

“Let me just say for the record, we don’t want you here,” said Kathy Blueford-Daniels, president of Fifth Ward Super Neighborhood No. 55.

Other community leaders complained that the group should have reached out to them before scheduling an event.

“We do not need an education from you, you’re coming here for the false reasons,” said Kelvin Wagner, president of Fifth Ward Civic Club.

Eventually the meeting devolved into a shouting match and officers had to step in to ease tensions.

“You didn’t come with an olive branch, you didn’t come out of respect,” said Quanell X.

“That’s why we’re here today,” said Grisham.

One of the Black Panther representatives, Quanell X, said that the community didn’t trust them, and that they’ll be out to protect and defend themselves because “their moments are out of control.”

I’m not sure what Quanell X thinks will happen? Does he believe they Open Carry Texas members want to go mow down black women and children with their AK-47s? In any case, the Open Carry group has gotten in trouble for their antics at Chipotle, Target, Walmart and other places who turned around and asked that the public not bring their guns after the public furor. I’m not sure this is the wisest course for them.

The demonstration is planned for Saturday.

UPDATE: A member of Open Carry notified me that they no longer will carry rifles into restaurants, and pointed me to their new guidelines for their activities. Take a look here.

[Ed. Note: Headline contained a typo which has been fixed.]