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CNN’s ‘media reporter’: Michelle Obama being overweight makes her MORE qualified as nation’s dietician

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There’s something about Brian Stelter that really annoys me. Oh I know what it is – all his opinions are perfectly vapid expressions of Democratic politically correct talking points. Here’s a great example. When Fox News’ Dr. Ablow made headlines with his comment that Michelle Obama “could lose a few,” in reference to her healthy food advocacy, Stelter jumped to take a bullet for the team.

Watch below:

Stelter does all he can to shame Ablow for simply pointing out the hypocrisy of someone who seems to be carrying a bit of extra weight trying to force kids to eat healthier. At one point, his guest even points to Robin Williams’ suicide as a reason why mental health professionals can’t have personal opinions. I guess somehow they know that the comedian killed himself because a psychiatrist somewhere made a personal remark?

No clue.

But the best part is when they go through labyrinthine leaps of logic in order to say that psychiatrists who are crazy are better at helping crazy people, and fat people are better at helping fat people. Or something.

It’s all meaningless liberal claptrap veiled in pseudo-science and faux intellectualism in order to shut up conservatives and lend legitimacy to the liberal cause.

And it’s pathetically transparent.

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