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You HAVE to See This Conservative Utterly Embarrass CNN’s Don Lemon on His Ignorance of Guns

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CNN’s Don Lemon tried to make the Ferguson debacle somehow about guns when he brought on conservative Ben Ferguson and pretty much humiliated himself by showing his abject ignorance of what it means for a gun to be “automatic” or “semi-automatic.” Of course, he begins by asking the oft-repeated and ridiculous hypothetical intended to manifest the supposed racism of gun advocates.

Watch below:

After batting away the ridiculous notion that gun rights advocates would be for gun control if more blacks owned them, Ferguson then tried to explain patiently to Don Lemon that nearly all automatic weapons are illegal for Americans to possess. When Don Lemon tried to claim that he easily bought an automatic weapon, Ferguson embarrassed him by presenting the plain definition of such a gun. Of course, the useful idiot Van Jones grinned and agreed stupidly to while Don Lemon plainly manifested his ignorance.

Maybe these gun-grabbing zealots should look into actually knowing something about the thing they’re attempting to “control” before setting forth their ignorant opinions? I guess that’s too much to ask.


Don Lemon continues in his ignorance and arrogantly denies that not knowing the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic gun makes a difference to his argument:

But Lemon didn’t exactly seem humbled by his pratfall. In an email to TPM on Thursday, he chalked up his error to a simple verbal slip and insisted that he does indeed know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic guns. His central point about access to weapons, he argued, still stands.

I mis-spoke in our discussion of guns with Ben Ferguson … I do know the difference between a semi and automatic weapon. And it doesn’t change the point I was making – that sales are through the roof and we as a nation should decide if that’s a good thing or not.

What a maroon.

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