Hispanic Group: Obama’s Immigration Stall One of ‘Single Biggest Attacks on Latino Families by Democratic Party’


Oooh boy… I think maybe President Mompants might have royally screwed up by promising to do something on Immigration and then pulling the carpeta from under those lefty illegal alien advocate groups today. Here’s a statement from Presente.Org, one such organization:

“Today’s announcement by President Obama is shameful, and he is once again demonstrating that for him, politics come before the lives of Latino and immigrant families. Adding salt to the wound, President Obama raised the hopes of millions of Latinos across America by promising action only to smash them for percieved political gain.

“This delay is a betrayal of the Latino community,and is certainly one of the single biggest attacks on Latino families by the Democratic Party in recent memory. With news of recently deported children dying in Honduras and record level deportations and separations of families continuing, all eyes are on the President’s actions that totally devalue Latino life.”

Yikes!! Probably Obama believes this will encourage lefty Hispanic voters to the polls, but he’s given Republicans PLENTY of opportunity to slam him on this stupid political move. Let’s take advantage of that, shall we? (For one, share this article, gringos!)

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