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Occupiers Are VERY Angry at Mockery of Hipster Parade at ‘Flood Wall Street’

flood wall street

One of the best things about Twitter is being the opportunity to mock hipster occupiers during their ridiculous little pathetic protests. The latest one was “Flood Wall Street,” which had the similar irrational demand to “end capitalism” in order to save the world. These are true intellectuals.

Anyway, they seem overly sensitive about the ridicule we’re tossing at them because they sure did complain a lot:

Sally is a CNN contributor – funny how she doesn’t mind reducing the Tea Party or conservatives to absurd extremes and ignoring our substantive critique of leftist policies:

Yes, pendejo, because we don’t believe in your global climate hoax.

This is how weird and paranoid they are – they believe all opposition is paid for:

As if no one could possibly actually disagree with their degenerate movement.

They’re seriously “oppressed” by Twitter.

No, but nearly every single product that hipsters protesting against capitalism use are made by capitalism. Pendejo.

Their “bodies on the line”? LOL! You’d think they were fighting in World War 2! Oh no wait, that was actually a noble cause, not an excuse for wastrels to pretend they have principles.

Thanks for the laughs, Occupy!

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