Watch Chris Matthews Explain How Jihadist Terrorists Are Just Like Poor Black Americans

I’m not sure what to make of this comment by MSNBC anchor and seeming crackhead Chris Matthews after Obama’s long-winded UN speech today. It seems that the left is so damn desperate to not place any blame on ideology, on Islam, for terrorism, that they have to go all in on blaming economics. And so a really sane conclusion to them is that black Americans are just like jihadist terrorists – they’re all just looking for a job.

Watch below:

I don’t remember “dey terk arr jarbs!” being a motto of inner city gangs or ISIS, but what do I know, I’m sure Chris Matthews has way more experience than I do with gangs.

Here are some other gems from his brilliant tingle-tastic “analysis” on Obama’s speech:

I don’t think tingles understands what the word “humble” means, but it gave him the opportunity bash Bush, so there ya go.

Here he says Republicans say the term, “Islamic terrorism” as an ethnic slur. Except Islam is a religion not an ethnicity, you dunce. Geez.

How brain-dead do you have to be to swallow this tripe?

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