Al Sharpton Declares March on Washington DC to Demand Fed Gov’t Expand Control Over Local Police

Get your conspiracy theory aluminum foil hats on, my friends, because this has all the signs of a C-O-N-spiracy!! The race-baiting opportunist Al Sharpton has declared that he will lead a march on Washington D.C. of dimwits to demand that Obama’s federal government start exerting more control on local police jurisdictions.

Watch below:

Because what’s the answer to perceived bad government? MORE GOVERNMENT!! Here’s another of the racialist maggot pretending to pray:

I don’t actually believe this is a conspiracy theory and the Freemason space lizard-aliens staged police shootings of black people so that the Illuminati can seize control, but, it definitely is in the character of shameless liberals to try to take political advantage of any crisis and expand the role of government.

Also I’d like to call Al Sharpton a maggot just one more time. Thank you.

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