BREAKING! ISIS Releases Horrific Video Showing Jordanian Hostage Burnt Alive

It was reported that Jordan and ISIS were working on a prisoner exchange, but after Jordan threatened to kill their ISIS prisoners, it appears the Islamist monsters have killed their hostage in a horrific way:

Here’s the video, while it’s up:


Video is down, but trust me it’s just as evil as you can imagine it would be.

The video is very long at 24 minutes, and it’s very slickly produced, leading many to believe that it was produced over more than a week’s time, meaning that the pilot was actually murdered a long time ago. During this period ISIS was pretending as if it was negotiating with the Jordanians for his life, knowing he was dead the whole time.

Here are some screenshots:

Isis burn alive 05

They showed video of the Jordanian pilot being captured by ISIS.

They identify any country that aligns itself with America as “crusaders.” All of these nations are targets of ISIS.

Isis burn alive 04

But of course, it’s the Jews that are all behind it, because they always are. Notice they don’t even say “Israel,” because they will not recognize the establishment of the state, it’s the “jews.”

Isis burn alive 07

There was some propaganda shots of the hostage with ISIS militants, I mean pigs.

jordanian pilot-1

There’s a very dramatic lighting of the fire:

Isis burn alive 08

Unlike the previous beheading videos, there was no cutting away from the murder, it’s one long agonizing death scene:

Isis burn alive 09

It’s a horrific and agonizing scene that should anger anyone. [Caution, very graphic image.]

After his death, the ISIS mongrels made this announcement that they will pay anyone who murders their targets in the Jordanian army:

isis burn alive 091

And they provide names of their targets:

isis burn alive 03

isis burn alive 02

These are absolute demons.

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