Obama Meeting With Muslim Group That Extols Virtues of Sharia Law Day After Jordanian Pilot’s Sickening Murder

You would think that maybe Obama would hold off on meeting with “American Muslim Leaders” who advocate for the establishment of shariah law the very next day after those inhuman Islamist monsters ISIS released a video of a man being burned alive. But you would be wrong.

One of the groups meeting with him is the “Muslim Public Affairs Council.”

Here’s what the group has been tweeting about lately – their admiration for Sharia law! How quaint.

That one is actually pinned at the top of their Twitter account – it’s a report on how Algeria isn’t holding to the enlightened values of Sharia.

From their report:

The concept of the report card came out of a number of factors. Islam and Sharia have been and are being used for narrow political and social agendas, especially in Muslim-majority countries. Unfortunately, these agendas are using a limited understanding of Sharia to impose fear and authority on the citizenry. The overarching designation of “Sharia” and “Islamic” are being used to give authenticity and authority to authoritarian and violent worldviews, which are not accepted by the masses. As has become blatantly apparent, both nation-states and non-state actors are using broad terms such as Sharia and Islam to justify ideologies, behaviors, acts and laws that are not necessarily based on Islamic principles and values.

Here’s some more:

It’s just the laws that you need to follow to get to God, quit worrying, worriers!

But don’t worry, Islamaphobes! Obama is going to address all this “global extremism” at a violent extremism summit later this month. They won’t discuss Islam, because it’s the religion of peace, as I’m sure the Muslim Public Affairs Council is teaching him about as we speak. In a meeting that’s closed off to reporters.

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