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When Rabid Feminists ATTACK!! Daily Beast Writer Verbally Ambushed for Presenting Evidence Against Rape Allegation

In one of the worst segments that I’ve seen on MSNBC (and that’s saying a lot), Melissa Harris Perry and Irin Carmon demonstrate just how rabid and foaming at the mouth liberal feminists can get about accusations of rape and how how men simply should not be allowed to defend themselves against sexual assault allegations.

Daily Beast writer Cathy Young is invited to talk about her piece showing how a rape accusation case becomes “murky,” but they didn’t bring her on for honest intellectual discussion, they just wanted to skin her alive.


It’s really an amazing clip because Perry and Irin Carmon go on the attack despite Young being very reasonable. I would think that a woman making rape accusations and then contacting the person she’s accusing to hang out just might help the guy if he is denying the allegations, but in Perry and Carmon’s world, just the accusation is enough for a condemnation.

Take a deep look, America, these are your gyno-fascist feminists. Incredible and frightening.

Here is some of the Twitter reaction I saw – very mixed, with feminist nuts cheering on the attack, and other more reasonable people seeing what I saw:

Great job MSNBC! You’re just showing how criminally insane feminists are getting to be.

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