Conservatives Have Discovered Obama’s Plan To Use Illegal Immigrants to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America

We all know how Obama has aimed from the very beginning of his royal reign to “fundamentally transform” America into a country made in his image. But now we know more of the details of exactly how he plans to do it thanks to a conservative who listened in on a national conference call with Obama’s Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Cecilia Muñoz.

On Mark Levin’s radio show, Sue Payne went over what she overheard on the call, and what the plan is to change America into Obama’s vision.

Payne says that immigrants will be considered “seedlings” in every community and they will be organized to use as much public assistance as possible, with communities encouraged to give them no-interest loans. “New Americans” will be treated as refugees and given that status to accelerate their legalization.

The goal is to “navigate not assimilate” into American culture, so that the culture they bring from their home countries will supplant that of America’s. Of course, if you listen to these illegal alien advocates talking about it in public, they keep saying that illegals are “American in every respect except documentation.” But by establishing programs to keep immigrants from assimilating, they show what they really want – to destroy America’s culture that led to so much freedom, prosperity and happiness for her citizens.

This is exactly why we need to contact our representatives to do everything they can to combat Obama’s amnesty.

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