Fat-Shaming, Anti-Israel, America-Hating: New Host of ‘Daily Show’ Has Something Everyone Can HATE!

The new host of the “Daily Show” has done something very few people can do – he’s brought together left and right because he’s such a jerk that everyone has a reason to hate him! Jon Stewart announced the new hire and people immediately starting complaining about the comedian’s tweets and jokes.

All the liberals who hate “fat-shaming” are getting their ample panties in a bunch over these tweets:

Those are just the worst ones. Man, he’s really obsessed with fatness.

Israel is warlike, not the 57 Muslim countries that are trying to wipe it off the face of the Earth:

Here’s a double insult mocking black rappers and the Jews behind them!

Some found this offensive:

He’s proud of making America-bashing fun!

Oh and if you’re in flyover country, he hates you just like Jon Stewart did!

Hell, that’s practically a job requirement at the Daily Show! This is probably the only thing Stewart needed to see to hire the guy. Despite the furor, or maybe because of it, Comedy Central is sticking to the hire:

I can’t wait to see what innovative ways he can figure out to insult Americans and conservatives!

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