NO Remorse: Vile Boston Bomber FLIPS OFF The World in Court Video

While there were reports released earlier that the Boston bomber, degenerate maggot Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had flipped off a prison camera just three months after the attack, a picture of the inhuman waste was only released today:

Here’s video of him flipping off the world, showing what true remorse he has for his evil acts:

Is this the image of a kid who was forced by his brother to murder Americans, who was brainwashed? I don’t think so. Still some idiots like Glenn Greenwald don’t think this means anything, of course:

The defense’s entire argument rests on his remorse proving that he’s less culpable than his brother and doesn’t deserve death. Do you think maybe his flipping us off shows how little remorse he actually has? Not if you’re a dumb ass like Greenwald.

But I’m still not sure what would be the greater, and more just punishment – executing him and making him a martyr for his evil cause, or leaving him to rot in a mind-numbing excruciating prison. What do you think?

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