Media Bias

NYT Reporter Had ‘Touching’ Sympathy for Charlie Hebdo Victims, NOT For Texas Garland Targets

Yeah it’s just as I suspected – the mainstream media were besides themselves with happiness when they could defend the French under attack by Muslims because the Charlie Hebdo people were anti-religion, all religion. But to defend the free speech of Christians in Texas is their worst nightmare.

Here’s a great example:

But here’s what she said about a Charlie Hebdo victim:

rcallimachi hebdo

I didn’t see the kind of doubt she displayed at Garland pointed at Hebdo. Though, to be fair, she did defend Muslim outrage at Hebdo here.

Yeah you won’t be seeing #JeSuisGarland trending tomorrow because the media elites are too good for those right wing nutjobs in Texas.


Wow she’s really intent on digging her hole deeper:

Yes, Christians objected to being insulted in Charlie Hebdo. We didn’t pick up a gun and murder cartoonists. It’s just insanely bizarre that Rukmini thinks these is any moral equivalency.

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