Here’s a Bunch of People Angry That New Spider-Man is WHITE, But They Aren’t Racists, Promise

Apparently a new Spider-man movie will star some kid named Asa Butterfield, and he’s pretty frickin’ white. But hey guess what? SO is spider-man in the comics. Here’s a bunch of racists who definitely aren’t racist for freaking out that the new Spider-Man will be white:

Actually, I’m Hispanic and I think you’re a pendeja.

They’re referring to a character that played Spider-man as a half-black half-Hispanic kid in a comic book reboot.


Wow, almost sounds like the kid in the comics.

NOW if you’ll remember, there was a HUGE hubbub when the first “Star Wars Episode Seven” trailer came out because supposedly everyone was angry that there was a black stormtrooper. When the evidence for this was investigated, it turned out to be two comments on YouTube. But THAT became a huge story because white people are racist, that’s why. How come this won’t be a big story?

I didn’t get the memo that comic book movies had to be a revolving game of musical chairs for minorities. When the music stops you have to fall on either black, handicapped, gay, wiccan, tranGenner, or God forbid, ginger. C’mon people, Peter Parker is white, get over it. I’d hope they’d focus on making a good movie instead of a damn political statement.

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