Feminists’ Brains Are IMPLODING All Over Twitter At This EPIC Gavin McInnes Performance

So truth-telling beard-wearer Gavin McInnes went on Sean Hannity’s show last night and slapped down feminism with some seriously uncomfortable truths about the wage gap, and what actually makes most women happy.

Watch below:


The whole thing is worth watching, especially the end.

Here’s my favorite moment memorialized forever on vine:

If you have to ask, you're probably not ambitious enough to do it.

Again, that's ok - if a man did the opposite, it's sexist and a hatecrime, right?

Notice Maureen hated men before, but only understood now. SO much hatred in her there's not enough room for babies. Thank the Lord.

And her cats. Lots of cats.

From a person too lazy to upload a damn avatar. Sure.

I dunno, these all sound like miserable women to me. Even the men sound like miserable women.

Good job Gavin.

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