Oklahoma Tattoo Shop BANS Police, Gives Bikers 25% Discount Because of Waco Shooting

I don’t even get the point of this. An Olkahoma tattoo parlor is banning police insignia and police from their shop because they don’t want another Waco, Texas shooting to happen on their premises.

No. Really.

Here’s their Facebook message:

norman tattoo

And a sign out front:

This seems rather ridiculous as we don’t really know the full story about what happened in Waco yet. These people are acting like the malicious evil police attacked the sweet, innocent, criminal, drug-running biker gang members who were assembled to support world peace. And people didn’t seem to appreciate the sentiment much:

norman tattoo response

Norman Tattoo certainly has the freedom to run their business any way they want. But if they’re gonna make a stupid move like this, then everyone else has the right to not shop there. Notice, there’s no calls to burn it down, because pro-police people aren’t degenerate neanderthals like the gay marriage extremists.

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