Media Bias

New York Times’ Ridiculous Hit Piece on Marco Rubio Hilariously Ridiculed On Twitter

The New York Times showed that it could still journalism with the best of them, as they released a devastating hit piece on Marco Rubio that will probably end his presidential campaign – they found out he has driving tickets!! Clutch at pearls and behold the mendacity!!!

The masterful journalist who printed this drivel was Michael Barbaro, and he’s being soundly mocked for it on the Twitters:

In the piece he makes a big deal out of Rubio taking driving classes after the violations – people have since pointed out that the classes are voluntary in Florida in order to keep points of a driving record. More awesome journalisming!!!

This is exactly the kind of crap we can expect from the mainstream media this election cycle and that’s why you need to support those independent voices in the news media, like the SoooperMexican!!!