MORE Rachel Dolezal ROFL!! Listen To Her SLAMMING The Movie ‘Exodus’ For Casting WHITES as Egyptians!

It’s almost as if God made this story just to bring me unfettered joy and happiness, because it keeps getting better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. The latest is the discovery of audio where black phony Rachel Dolezal criticizes the movie “Exodus” for casting whites as Egyptians! Because it’s wrong to misrepresent their ethnicity darn it!!

Listen below (only 40 seconds):

She even calls for a boycott of the movie!! So much LOLS! I’m thinking of becoming a Dolezal scholar, I love this story so much. Read the rest of our coverage of the nutty weirdo here!

Today’s INSANE ROUNDUP of Rachel Dolezal Revelations!!