Pathetic: ‘New Republic’ Says Bobby Jindal and Dinesh D’Souza ‘Erased Their Ethnic Identities’

It really is amazing how liberals are just physiologically unable to see the blatant racism of their statements when they’re aimed at conservatives. That’s what animates pathetic attacks like this one on presidential candidate Bobby Jindal and conservative Dinesh D’Souza:

The piece is written by someone of East Indian descent in order to ward off criticisms of racism, because that’s exactly what the headline screams. After a charming folksy story about his own family members being racist against blacks, the writer cites some examples of Dinesh slamming on Obama, and continues:

It’s tempting to dismiss D’Souza as an outlier. He’s aligned with the right-wing of the Republican party, while the vast majority of American South Asians identify as Democrats. Still, anyone who spends time among South Asians will recognize the popular currency of attitudes like D’Souza’s.

Uhm wait a minute – I thought he had “erased” his ethnic identity? If the writer admits that South Asians are racist, then wouldn’t D’Souza be affirming his ethnic identity by being racist? Obviously I don’t think Dinesh is racist, my point is that the piece just doesn’t make any damn sense. It was just written for the sake of putting out a headline to bash two conservatives.

Then the dumbass continues by coupling this anti-Christian bigotry with anti-Asian racism:

D’Souza’s racism and Jindal’s xenophobia find a more muted parallel in the career of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, whose advancement includes suppressing public references to her Sikh heritage and being presented by her campaign as a “proud Christian woman.”

Uh.. Nikki Haley being a proud Christian is “erasing her ethnic identity”? So apparently only white people can be Christian in this dolt’s diseased mind.

Then the idiot goes on for the entire article to bash on Dinesh D’Souza, because the article really has nothing to do with Nikki Haley or Bobby Jindal, this is just their attempt to float anti-conservative racism printed long ago just to get some clicks and bash some conservatives. Pretty pathetic.

What I find hilarious about the entire piece is that the writer doesn’t ever define what it means to have a South Indian “ethnic identity.” Why is this? Probably because it would be a list of stereotypes that you’d expect to hear out of Joe Biden. Rather than affirm racial stereotypes, the writer attacks a mentor of Dinesh, and cites spare and poor examples of his supposed racism.

I get this same accusation all the time, which is why I published a video about Latinos being accused of abandoning their ethnic identity when being conservative (coincidentally, in collaboration with Dinesh D’Souza). Screw these people.

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