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Jake Tapper Resists Idiotic Race and Gender-Baiting from ‘Think Progress’; Women, Minorities Hardest Hit

Judd Legum is just as bright as the average legume, and he proved it by trying to gender and race-bait on CNN’s Jake Tapper today on the Twitters.

While the rest of us were listening to the guests’ positions, Legum was obsessed with their genitalia.

Jake Tapper responded:

Oh sure, Jake, blame the woman!! It’s no coincidence that Jake is a man and he’s defending the sexist patriarchy here.

Oh and then he defends the old white guy! That’s raaacist, probably.

BOOM! LOL! I don’t know if Tapper intended this to be a slam, but it could definitely count as one, given how Hillary refuses to play ball with the media.

RAWR! This little kitten has claws!! LOL!

Damn you patriarchy!!! You made Legum cry!! You big brutes, you!!

Even the “dumbest man with a modem” Oliver Willis broke in to offer his nuggets of stupidity”

Then he ran off to cry on his own:

Awesome. This is why we love Twitter.

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