Media Bias

Tough MSM Question to Socialist Bernie Sanders: Do You Like Pope Francis’ Anti-Capitalist Statements?

Here’s one of those “hardball questions” from the “objective media” to “presidential candidate” Bernie “Sanders.” If that is his real name. Sanders was asked by the mewling pup at “Face the Nation” if in addition to liking the Pope’s stance on Global Warming, if he, who by the way is a socialist, also enjoys the Pope’s attacks on capitalism!

Watch below”

Good Lord, hold back mister journalist man!! Bernie actually had to think for of about negative 9 nanoseconds before answering that yes, as a socialist, he liked the Pope’s socialist views. I guess mister objective journalist just couldn’t possibly have thought of any other position the Pope and the Catholic church have taken that might be a tougher pill to swallow for the Bernmeister.

Like, oh I dunno, gender roles, abortion, traditional marriage, belief in an all-powerful God, natural law, obedience to the Vatican, and that’s just off the toupee of my head. Amazingly, genius reporter man asks a socialist if he agrees with the Pope’s socialist agenda.

Great stuff.

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