When Dimwits Battle!! ‘Media Matters’ Moron Attacks ‘Think Progress’ Pendejo on Hillary Vs. Bernie!!

So we have a problem, my conservative friends. The media is determined to make us believe that the Republican party is hopelessly and irrevocably divided because that’s the way they can defeat us and shoehorn Hillary Clinton’s enormous and ample cankles into the Oval Office.

And because of that, we’re missing out on some pretty entertaining liberal-on-liberal internecine fighting and squabbling. And there’s nothing like a liberal fighting a liberal because if you think they’re empty and vapid when they debate a conservative, they’re about as substantive as a Katy Perry video when they argue amongst themselves.

To wit, I present to you, the “stupidest man with a modem,” Oliver Willis, Media Matters moron, who once called Hillary a racist KKK member when she was running against Obama, now champion and arch-defender of her coronation, against the wily, embattled and embittered former Think Progress pendejo Zaid Jilani.

Behold these titans of liberalism!!

jilani owillis-1


GAH!!! Damn that’s what they really look like?! Ugh.

On the right, the pragmatic soulless idiot who will back anyone the Dems push, and on the left, a true commie idiot who will always rebel to the farthest socialist extreme of anyone running in an election. It’s idiot versus idiot!!!

Are we ready to ruuuuummmmbbbble?!?!?

The match began innocuously enough with this meaningless tweet:

Ever vigilant, waiting for his time to strike, Oliver Willis retweeted this response:

And then it was on… because Oliver Willis is angry that far leftists would dare criticize Hillary, and the farther leftists like Zaid are bitterly angry at the liberals who slavishly tow the party line. Let’s rock’n’roll, wimpy liberal style!!

Hit the link.. it plays a sad trombone – he’s such a snarky little man!!

Damn dude LOL!

Allan Brauer is an especially bitter depressed little leftist degenerate:

Then the two keyboard warriors parted ways, secure in their social justice warrior cocoons of smug, solipsistic, bitter, angry leftism:

And Zaid is so angry:

And if you don’t remember… Obama accused the Hillary campaign of using racist tactics. Most of the worthless GOP candidates don’t remember enough to use it against Hillary. But the Bernie zealots do! LOL!

Oliver is just a shallow factory of insipid sarcasm, and he knows it:

But ultimately it’s the Berninista who’s so thin-skinned he has to block:

Awww Allan is firmly up Hillary’s Obama:

And yet, I notice you keep tweeting, Allan LOL!

I just love these liberal fights. They’re so acidic and stupidly back-biting. Keep at it, pendejos!!

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