BREAKING! Hippy Liberal Leftist Arrested for Planning Pressure Cooker Bomb Attack in Massachusetts!

A Boston policer captain’s son has been arrested for planning pressure cooker bomb attacks. His dad had been a first responder during the Boston Bomb attacks, and this degenerate had been inspired by that to do his own. 

The estranged son of a respected Boston police captain was arrested July 4 by FBI agents as part of a counter-terrorism operation against alleged ISIS-inspired domestic terrorists, federal officials told ABC News today.

Alexander Ciccolo, 23, of Adams, Mass., was taken into custody on gun charges after buying two pistols and two rifles from an undercover FBI confidential informant, federal officials said. In a search of his apartment, officials reported they found it loaded with possible bomb-making equipment including a pressure cooker, a variety of chemicals, an alarm clock, along with “attack planning papers” and “jihad” paperwork. FBI agents said he used the name Abu Ali al-Amriki and neighbors said he was a recent convert to Islam.

“This is a very bad person arrested before he could do very bad things,” one senior federal official briefed on the arrest told ABC News.

According to the FBI, Ciccolo attempted to stab a nurse in the head with a pen during a routine screening, “leaving a hole in the nurse’s skin.”

An FBI affidavit said Ciccolo initially planned to travel to “another state” and used a pressure cooker bomb “to conduct terrorist attacks on civilians, members of the U.S. military and law enforcement personnel.” The FBI said the attack location was later changed to a town with a state university and would be concentrated on “college dorms and cafeteria, to include executions of students, which would be broadcast live via the internet.”

But what you probably won’t hear is that he was a hippy liberal weirdo.

In 2012, he walked with four other losers against nuclear proliferation:

Alex Ciccolo is from Massachusetts and is Lakota.

“Nuclear power and nuclear weapons for years have crippled societies. Native American societies, Asian societies, Middle Eastern, all of them are affected by nuclear weapons and nuclear power. All of us are affected by it. If we don’t stop using them then we’re not going to be able to live on this earth anymore.”

A description of what they were walking for:

A handful of individuals from various parts of the US are making their way, on foot, around the perimeter of Lake Ontario, to promote the concept of a nuclear-free future.

They’ve walked over 150 miles already since leaving Syracuse, New York, and are steadily making their way along the lake’s northern shoreline, visiting cities, towns, villages, and First Nations reserves along the way.

The “No More Fukushimas” Peace Walk will last one month and take participants 372 miles in total, from Syracuse, through Canadian cities and towns, and ending in Buffalo.

“It has been proven time and time again that humans do not have the capability to control the long-term effects of nuclear power,” writes the group in a press release. “Nuclear power is not sustainable from environmental, human rights, or economic standpoints.”

Here’s a pic from the article:

alexander ciccolo


And from ABC News:


Now, if he had turned out to be a Tea Party protester, what do you think the media would have been saying?

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