MTV’s Illegal Alien Celeb Applauds Bruce Jenner’s ‘Transition’ But Says Bobby Jindal is ‘White-Washed’

I’ve written about this earlier, but it struck me what a great and idiotic hypocrite Filipino illegal alien Jose Vargas is. Here’s what he said about Bobby Jindal:

He was responding to this:

Ahh, degenerate liberals love to throw this racist accusation around, but they NEVER actually say what it MEANS to be “white” or to be authentically “Indian,” like Jindal’s family is. If anyone forced them to explain, I guarantee you it would descend into the stupidest and most racist stereotypes.

Here’s how hypocritical the idiot is – he just loves Bruce Jenner’s “transition”:

But, you can shame Bobby Jindal because he doesn’t meet your illegal alien Filipino expertise on what it means to be from India! LOL!

Riiiiight, but if Bobby changes his name, he’s a race-traitor, right? Ironically, both changed their names, and both are Republicans, but degenerate liberal Vargas accepts the guy who changes his entire GENDER, and not the guy who just happens to be Indian and a Republican.

What does it say about Vargas that he chose to shame Bobby Jindal? It shows he’s a pathetic hypocritical racist. And should be deported.

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