VIDEO: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Founder Leads Crowd In ‘Burn Everything Down’ Chant!

On the left people have been whining that the original “creators” of the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” have been ignored because they were three women. Well let’s give one of them some attention.

The one who got a crowd to scream “burn everything down!!”

Watch below:

At least they decry Don Lemon, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, but it seems like it’s purely driven by feminism. A weird mix of militant, feminist, black activism that encourages people to “burn everything down.”

And it’s driven by “Black Lives Matter” hashtag creator, Patrisse Cullors, who later said that they would do everything she could to shut down the Republican convention. 

Notice also, the illegal alien activist who leads the chant “if I die in ICE custody,” and then “not one more deportation.”

Another chant at about 3:40:

If I die in police custody, burn everything down!

No building is worth more than my life!

And that’s the only way motherf*ckers like you listen!

This was all during the awesome interruption of Martin O’Malley’s interview at the commie leftist convention Netroots. After this, O’Malley tried to meekly agree, saying “All Lives Matter, White Lives Matter,” and they freaked out. 

Insanely, he had to apologize later!

This is the crowd that is holding the left hostage – they’re deathly afraid to offend them because they need the black vote.

But will they endorse the militant call to violence? If we had an unbiased press, this would be asked of every Democrat candidate…

[h/t Lee Stranahan]
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