‘I’m Going to Kick Your RACIST ASS’ – Geraldo Threatens Trump Adviser Over ‘Quota’ Insults!

Trump advisor Roger Stone lobbed the accusation at Republican advisor Ana Navarro and CNN contributor Roland Martin that they were “quota hires” because Ana is Hispanic and Roland is African-American.

Roland Martin responded here:

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over too well when Media Matters posted about it.

What I don’t understand is why he’s offended – he’s certainly not sorry about what he said, so why is he angry they’re reporting it? Geraldo didn’t appreciate it much:

To which Stone replied:

And then Geraldo ratched it up to eleventy:

Dayammmm!!! Fight! Fight! Fight!!

Later, Stone came back with these odd and oblique accusations:

Uhhh, what? He really thinks Johnson killed JFK?!

But that’s just the beginning… now that we’re through the looking glass, there’s a much greater truth to be exposed to the sheeple of the world:


I know for a fact that illumanatee freemasons staged the nude selfie in a sound stage in Burbank just outside Al Capone’s vault!!! I’m the Mexican Alex Jones!! Sooper-Alejando Jones!!

h/t The Right Scoooooop
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