‘Black Lives Matter’ to PROTEST TRUMP Rally, Say Morons Who Met With Hillary!

The dim-witted freaks who tried to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s rally and ended up instead having a pleasant but tense conversation about race with her in private say they will target a Trump rally. The comments came at the very end of an interview with Larry Wilmore on his Comedy Central show.

Watch below:

The nutty crazies said all sorts of stupidity, but here are their greatest hits:

  • “For as much as Bernie was walkin’ with MLK, he ain’t WALKIN THAT WALK NOW!”
  • Hillary Clinton is anti-black.
  • NO president has done anything to help stop black deaths, and Obama IS NO DIFFERENT.

These are the left-wing wackos that the media won’t show you, but every Democrat is crawling to them and begging to be absolved of their racist sins.

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