Obama’s Economy Is SO BAD That More Liberals Are Having To Shop At Walmart!

Political pollster Zogby has been keeping tabs on the political opinions of Walmart shoppers and they’ve found some really interesting changes in the demographics that may point to more liberals shopping at Walmart because of Obama’s crappy economy.

From Forbes:

…let’s look at the Weekly Wal-Mart Shopper. When I first started to look, in the 2000 election, this was a bedrock conservative and Republican constituency. The WWMS could be counted upon to vote solidly for George W. Bush in both his election and re-election, as well as support the candidacies of members of Congress and the Senate. They were white, self-described conservatives, tending to be Born Again, evangelical, and rural. And they told us that Wal-Mart was not only a place to shop for low prices but also a place that represented their homespun values.

Makes sense, and fits what many expect out of the typical Walmart shopper. But since then, they’ve changed a LOT:

As late as 2006, the 4,107 likely voters we polled who identified themselves as shopping at a Wal-Mart at least weekly, were more than two to one Republican – 54% to only 23% Democrat and 22% independent. Three in four (76%) were white and only 9% were Hispanic and 11% African American.

It is nothing short of fascinating to see how dramatically different both the demographics and the partisan and ideological characteristics have changed in the past decade. Today, 41% of them describe themselves as Democrats and only 32% are Republican, while 27% are independent.

That is just fascinating – Walmart shoppers who vote Democrat have nearly doubled, while Republican have dropped from more than half to about a third. This is despite more than a decade of liberal calls to boycott Walmart because of low wages and union busting. Looks like they’ve failed miserably.


It may also be that the reason more Democrats are shopping at Walmart is that they just can’t afford to order their bank accounts according to their commie consciences:

Those earning under $50,000 a year have increased to 49%, up from 29% in 2006, while those earning $100,000 or more went down from 48% to 32%.

Something about the idea of impoverished liberals being forced to choke down their tears and shop at Walmart because of Obama’s terrible economy really makes me happy.

Now let them get $15 an hour and those liberals will be out on the street! LOL!

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