‘The Business Model of Wall Street is FRAUD!!’ – Socialist Weirdo Radical Bernie Sanders

The socialist Sanders came out strong against EVERYONE on Wall Street by saying that they’re ALL FRAUDS, and then went on a mini-populist rant on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Watch below:

Uhhh ok, crackhead, well Wall Street might include some frauds, but it also represents the vast majority of the American economic engine. If it’s all fraud, does that mean this idiot is going to shut it down? Why isn’t he called out for this ridiculously radical rhetoric? If you don’t know, let me answer that for ya – because the media basically agrees with him.

Notice that when Republicans say anything remotely controversial, EVERY OTHER Republican has to answer for it. But will other Democratic candidates be asked if they believe the American economy is premised on FRAUD? Yeah RIGHT!! LOL!

This is the kind of crap that sounds good to people who have absolutely no idea how economics works. In other words, Democrats.

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