Illegal Alien Celebrity Jose Vargas Says Immigration Laws Are Just Like JIM CROW LAWS!!

In another insultingly stupid statement by MTV’s favorite illegal alien celebrity, Jose Vargas is comparing our current immigration laws to “Jim Crow” laws that were used to oppress blacks after slavery!

This was the tweet he was responding to:

WOW. How pathetic do you have to be to consider the plight of illegal immigrants to that of blacks who faced a system of oppression because of their skin color? No one oppresses illegals because of their skin color but because of their lack of legal status. And did blacks face those racist laws because of something THEY did? NO! But illegals definitely face hardship in America because they chose to break our laws and gain entrance illegally.

And if our “Jim Crow” immigration laws are so evil, then how the hell did Vargas get a show on MTV?!?!

This is exactly the kind of attitude from ungrateful illegals like Jose that makes Americans just want to kick them all out.

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