British Actress Who Just Became An American Citizen Forced To Apologize for Crapping On America

British actress Emily Blunt got a LOT of Americans pissed off when she mouthed off about regretting her citizenship while hanging out with her bigoted a-hole Hollywood friends who were mocking Republicans.

Here’s the video of her crapping on America:

The snark was first reported by the Hollywood Reporter:

Sicario star Emily Blunt added, “I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?’”

Well, now she’s apologized:

I understand that it was meant as a joke, but the problem is that this isn’t the first time she said something like this. Here were her comments in an earlier interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

In early September, Blunt said becoming an American was “strange and slightly disarming.”

“I’m not sure I’m entirely thrilled about it,” she said. “People ask me about the whole day. They were like, ‘Oh, it must have been so emotional.’ I was like, ‘It wasn’t! It was sad!’ I like being British.”

“The thing that’s weird is I do get to keep both my British citizenship and this, but you have to renounce her [Queen Elizabeth II.] So, it’s kind of typically American — not to be rude — but I had to renounce her in the room but I don’t actually, technically renounce her.”

“They were like, ‘Just say it. You don’t have to mean it, but just say it.’”

“It is the hardest test I ever had to take. I guarantee most Americans would have no idea how to answer any of these questions.”

Uh wow. Yeah OK lady, you’re brighter than all Americans because you were able to pass a test that you can study for and generally know what it will composed of. I’ve helped someone study for that test, and yeah, it’s hard, but most people who pass it don’t immediately start mocking their stupid fellow citizens.

I saw screw her, if she doesn’t appreciate America, then we don’t need her here.

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