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Morning Joe GRILLS Media Matters’ Moron David Brock Saying Clinton Scandals Are ‘Nothing-Burgers’

Media Matters founder and Hillary tool David Brock was absolutely grilled by Joe Scarborough after saying that all the Clinton scandals were “nothing-burgers” on Morning Joe today.

Watch below:

When Joe keeps at him to answer if it would have been ok if a Republican did what she did, he just couldn’t answer.

Also, how can you trust a guy with this creepy beehive haircut?!?

david brock

  • Eireann

    The 1800s called and they want their damn powdered wig back! That guy is a friggin hack kook!

  • Kelly Zat

    When Joe and Mike aren’t buying your BS you know you’re in trouble. On the other hand, his colorist is doing an awesome job keeping the grey from yellowing and that is some great dental work.

  • @bradoplata

    Nice to see the guy from the “You say he’s just a friend” video still working.

  • @bradoplata

    Shouldn’t that last meme of Brock say Amadeus instead of cocaine?

  • xsnake

    Nice coif on the fruit.

  • Dave

    What a Bait!
    Felcher Brock

  • jaboj

    This weirdo was personally hired by MM boss George Soros.. They are all freaks.

  • jaboj

    Do wigs yellow from the sun?

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  • Tory

    When Mika squeaked something to the effect of: “How can you disagree with facts?”, with a look of incredulity on her face, I thought my head might explode! It is a maddening feeling when otherwise sentient human beings seem incapable of recognizing a fact as an absolute that is not open to subjective interpretation, isn’t it Mika? Imagine how incredibly maddening it would be if you believed the survival of your Country were being threatened and your fellow citizens, those who will drown right along with you should it come to pass, are pretending a fact which is as clear to you as 2+2=4, is just an interpretive expression of some sort that carries no right or wrong answer? That is the feeling every Conservative American has been enjoying non-stop for the last 7 years and it is downright exhausting Mika!! Exhausting!!!!!!