This Is How Many Syrian Immigrants The Vatican Has Taken In…

Liberals are as happy as pigs rolling in mud over the Pope’s visit to America because he’s made it clear that he wants to scold us on Global Warming™ and on accepting Syrian refugees.

But while the Pope would love to see us bring in tons of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, there’s ONE little fact rolling around on social media that destroys his criticism:

Let’s run a fact check – the U.S. naturalizes about 700,000 immigrants every year. That’s about 2,000 per day. What’s the population of Vatican City? It’s about 842.

Now, a lot of people are demanding that the Pope take in some Syrian refugees, implying that it’s hypocritical of him to be criticizing Western nations when he doesn’t do it himself:

And this is unfair to the guy. The Vatican actually DID take in Syrian refugees, just not that many of them– just two families.

Putting that aside, the Pope’s attempt to browbeat us into receiving more Muslim refugees just doesn’t have any bite to it precisely because America is already one of the world’s most generous countries in welcoming refugees. We take in tons of immigrants, we give an incredible amount of money through the government to poor countries, and our citizens privately give an enormous amount of money to charities that serve the poor all over the world.

If anything, the Pope should be holding up America as an example of real Christian charity to the world.

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